About Me

I’m a Trinidadian-British cosmologist and astrophysicist. After growing up in the Caribbean, on the tiny islands of Trinidad and Tobago, I studied at the University of Edinburgh on an Island Scholarship. There, I received my First Class with Honours undergraduate (MPhys) degree in Physics and Astrophysics. I stayed on for a PhD at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, with Prof. Catherine Heymans and Prof. Chris Blake and my thesis won the Royal Astronomical Society’s Thesis Prize

Currently, I am a Senior Kavli Fellow at Cambridge University, as well as a Senior Researcher at Trinity College, Cambridge. This Fall, I’ll be Paczynski Visiting Fellow at Princeton. Prior to this, I was Kavli Fellow at Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC)Stanford, as part of Risa Wechsler’s galaxy formation and cosmology group. I use large cosmological datasets to map the large-scale structure of the Universe and test our Standard Model of Cosmology. Mostly, this involves using galaxies to understand the Dark Universe. My CV can be found here.

I’m passionate about science outreach and an advocate for making STEM fields more accessible and welcoming to everyone. 

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