Sci Comm: Media and Public Talks / Podcasts

  • New Scientist Live London (October, 2022)
  • Public Frontiers Lecture with the American Museum of Natural History (September, 2022)
  • New Scientist Instant Expert Cosmology (March, 2022)
  • Public Lecture, Mt Tam Astronomy Program (MTAP) lectures: The Dark Side of the Universe (August 14th, 2021)
  • Dr. Becky Youtube, `Dark matter: smooth or clumpy?!’

  • Fermilab Youtube, `Exploring 7 billion light years of space with the Dark Energy Survey’,

  • University of the West Indies – The Dark Universe [June, 2020]
  • Institute of Physics Jocelyn Bell Burnell Award Event [November, 2019]
  • The Space Shed Podcast [August, 2018]
  • Astronomy on Tap [July, 2018]
  • Pint of Science [January, 2018]
  • Scotland Girl Guiding Evening [December, 2017]
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