Upcoming Travel

Due to the pandemic, work travel is grounded. With the power of technology, somemeetings have moved online, but unfortunately, many opportunities are missed!

  • AAS Invited Talk, Phoenix [January 7th]
  • Fermilab Invited Seminar, Chicago [August 31st] * virtual
  • Stanford Public Lecture, Stanford [August 11th] * virtual
  • DESC Collaboration meeting, Chicago [July 13th – 17th] * virtual
  • Galaxy-galaxy lensing workshop, Stanford [July 7th – 9th] * virtual
  • KIPAC Stanford Retreat, Lake Tahoe [July 8th – 9th] * cancelled
  • DES Collaboration Meeting, Duke University [May 18th – 22nd] * virtual
  • Rising Stars in Physics Workshop, Princeton [April 16th – 17th] * cancelled
  • DESC Algorithms Workshop, Princeton [] * virtual

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